How to Locate Doctors Who Accept Medicaid

Being able to locate doctors who accept Medicaid is a very important thing if you are using Medicaid or other state health programs. While there are many doctors who refuse to take Medicaid patients due to the low premiums paid by state-run health programs, there are still a large number of physicians who accept state-funded insurance.


1. Visit the Medicare website at and select the option on the left that says “Facilities & Doctors.” Next, select the option to the right that says “Find a Doctor.”

2. Select the physician specialty from the drop-down menu and then enter your zip code. Choose the option to “Search Providers.”

3. Write down the phone numbers from the results page and call some of the doctors in your area. Ask the receptionist for each office if their practice accepts Medicaid. Doctors who accept Medicare are likely to accept Medicaid, which is why we gathered the preliminary information from the Medicare site.

4. Open your local phone book and look for doctor’s offices in your area. Call additional offices not listed on the Medicare site and inquire about whether or not they accept Medicaid. Even though it’s a great tool, there are often more doctors that accept Medicaid who aren’t listed on the Medicare website.


Don’t be discouraged if a particular doctor’s office refuses to accept Medicaid. Instead, ask them if they know of other doctors offices who accept medicaid. Many doctors network with other doctors and can help to set you up with someone who takes your health insurance.


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