How to Choose Paint Colors That Help Sell Your Home

Selling a house and choosing paint colors that motivate buyers is one of the most difficult aspects of preparing your home for sale. Because people have such varying color preferences, trying to choose a color that suits everyone can seem nearly impossible. Luckily, there are some general principles that can make the process much easier.


1. Avoid stark white walls. Some people think that this is a clean look, but in general the lack of pigment on white walls can make a house seem cold and uninhabited. If you opt for white, make sure it has some type of tint to it. Adding a light peach tint to white paint has been shown to put people at ease and impart a feeling of calm and warmth.

2. Stay away from dark colors for small rooms and spaces. Dark colors have a tendency to close in spaces and make things seem smaller than they really are. Stick to lighter colors for rooms and houses with small rooms or less square footage.

3. Gravitate toward earth tones, and light sea tone colors. The colors of nature generally tend to do the best when motivating home buyers because they put people at ease and make them feel at home. Stay away from colors that don’t occur in nature, or are seldom seen.

4. Don’t use colors that are extremely bright. Neons, bright pastels, and other colors in the same family can make people feel nervous and prevent them from picturing your house as their next home.

5. Steer clear of faux finishes, wallpaper, and other intricate designs. Simple earth tones appeal to the broadest range of people and have been show to be the most effective.


If you’re still having trouble choosing paint colors to help you sell your home, try talking with one of the paint experts at a home and garden store, or at a paint store. These professionals have a lot of knowledge about paint, and they may be able to advise you on current trends.

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