How to Come Up With Good Answers to Interview Questions

Coming up with good answers to interview questions can be difficult if you aren’t well prepared. In addition to being prepared, remaining calm during the interview process can also help you answer tough interview questions. By being prepared, staying relaxed, and mixing in a few other things, you should be able to answer tough interview questions with ease.


1. Practice answering a broad range of interview questions at least one week before the actual interview. Using an internet search engine, you can find lists upon lists of common interview questions. Take some time to print these lists out and rehearse your answers in order to develop some experience answering basic interview questions.

2. Remain calm during the actual interview. While this may seem hard to do, it will make things much easier for you and your answers will come more naturally. Remember, even though you may feel like this job is the only job out there–it isn’t. So relax, and your answers will flow easily.

3. Focus on providing a response that actually addresses the question and doesn’t skirt around it. Sometimes when people don’t know the answer to an interview question they tend to talk in circles and ramble. Even if you feel like you don’t have a good answer, just give the best, most honest answer you can.

4. Display confidence, but avoid being cocky. It’s important to be confident and show that you are sure of yourself, but don’t cross the line into being arrogant. Sell yourself in your answers slightly, but don’t be overbearing.

5. Maintain eye contact while answering the questions. Even if your answers aren’t perfect, maintaining eye contact while you are answering the questions will convey a sense of self confidence and determination. Looking around at other things can make it seem as though you are uninterested or unsure of yourself, so be sure to avoid doing that.


Make sure to leave enough time before the interview to eat a meal and relax for a little while. Springing out of bed and speeding to the interview will leave you feeling rushed and unfocused. Instead, leave time to eat breakfast (or lunch if the interview is later) and mentally prepare yourself for a few minutes.

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