How to Compose a Letter of Business Closure

Writing a letter of business closure is an important part of closing down a business. It tells your customers, vendors, and other people about why your business is closing and allows them time to plan for the changes.


1. Follow standard business letter format when you’re writing your letter of business closure. This is important because it gives your letter a sense of professionalism and structure.

2. Open with a salutation appropriate to everyone. This could be something such as “Dear colleagues and customers” or “Dear friends and clients.” Choose something that fits the nature of your business and the tone you want your letter to have.

3. Write an introduction that gets to the point fairly quickly. You want everyone to know that this letter is about your business closing, so after a brief introduction explain that you’re closing your doors.

4. Provide legitimate reasons for why your business is closing in the body of the letter. This helps people to understand the situation and realize why you’re closing.

5. Provide instructions or details about what happens next in the rest of your letter. Tell customers what they can expect and let suppliers and other vendors know what the next step is. If you prefer, you can write a separate letter to customers that’s more specific to their concerns. End your letter with a closing statement and be sure to thank everyone for their continued support and loyalty.


Keep a positive tone in your letter, despite the circumstances your business may be closing on. This shows that you are a composed, strong person and can entice people to do business with you again in the future.

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