How to Compose a Medical Records Release Letter

Composing a medical records release letter is a relatively simple process, but it must be done with care. The letter must include your full name as well as specific instructions about which records need to be released, and who they should be release to.


1. Open a blank word processing document on your computer. The medical records release letter should follow standard business letter format, so the letter should begin with your full name and address, followed by the healthcare provider’s name and address.

2. Begin the content section of the letter with a standard greeting using the name of the healthcare provider, then start a new paragraph.

3. Open the new paragraph by explaining the purpose of the letter (to give consent to release your medical records). Make sure to type out your full name so the healthcare provider can identify whose records need to be released, and include any relevant numbers such as your patient number if you have one.

4. Start another paragraph and explain how and when the medical records should be released. If you are planning to pick them up in person, then state that. If they need to be mailed to another healthcare provider, state that specifically.

5. Close the letter by adding in any specific details about the release of your records. End the letter with a standard salutation such as “sincerely,’ followed by your typed name. Be sure to sign in pen above your typed name after you’ve printed the letter.


Some healthcare providers have their own medical release forms that you will need to fill out before they can release your medical records. In this instance, you generally don’t need to type a separate letter, you simply need to fill out and submit their release forms.

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