How to Create a Bill of Sale for an ATV or Four Wheeler

Creating a bill of sale for an ATV or four wheeler can act as proof of purchase until you properly transfer ownership using the actual title. A thorough bill of sale should include all relevant details about the sale, ATV, and information from both the buyer and seller.


1. Open a blank document in a word processing program and create a title at the top that says “ATV Bill of Sale.” Move the cursor down two lines and begin a paragraph that details all of the identifying information about the ATV or four wheeler. This information should include the VIN, make, model, color, mileage, engine size, and any other relevant information.

2. Move the cursor down two more lines and write a paragraph about the sale details. This should include the date, purchase price, payment method, and payment terms. Make sure to include any details about title transfer and the actions that both parties are responsible for completing such as delivering the ATV or meeting at the DMV to transfer the title.

3. Start a new paragraph two lines down from the last paragraph. Write out the information pertaining to both parties. This should include the full names of the buyer and seller, their addresses, driver’s license numbers, and any other important details.

4. Make two separate lines at the bottom of the bill of sale where both parties can sign their names. Indicate which party is the buyer and which party is the seller.

5. Print at least two copies of the bill of sale from your computer. This way, if you make a mistake filling it out you won’t need to go back to your computer to print another copy.


In most states, a bill of sale does not constitute legal ownership transfer of an ATV. Because of this, be careful when exchanging money unless the title is present or the ATV owner can prove ownership. Also, be sure to verify whether or not the ATV has any liens or loans owing on it before making an offer or exchanging money.

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