How to Do a Free Arrest Warrant Check

Doing a free arrest warrant check is a simple procedure that usually takes less than 10 minutes. Most local sheriff’s departments have active arrest warrant information on file. All that’s required is a call to the dispatch operator who can quickly search the county database for arrest warrants at no charge.


1. Look up the number for you local sheriff’s department in a phone book or online. Most sheriff’s departments are organized by county, so you’ll need to know the name of the county you want to check.

2. Call the sheriff’s department and ask for the dispatcher or for the warrant line. Every sheriff’s department is organized differently, but asking this question should get you to the right person.

3. Give the dispatcher the name of the person you want to check on. Make sure that their name is spelled correctly, and if possible, provide their date of birth.

4. Wait while the dispatcher checks for active warrants. Listen carefully and write down any information that the dispatcher gives you relating to any active warrants.

5. Check back later if there are currently no active warrants for the person in question. Sometimes it can take a little while for the warrants to process through the system, so you may need to check back depending upon when the initial warrant was issued.


If you’re unsure of the spelling of the person’s name, try to obtain the correct spelling before calling the sheriff’s department. This may seem like a small detail, but the proper spelling can make a big difference in the accuracy of the arrest  warrant information.

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