How to Enroll in Clinical Trials for Pay

Enrolling in clinical trials for pay is an effective way to earn additional income above and beyond your regular job. Most clinical trials have specific criteria for participants, so you may not be eligible for all trials depending on their particular requirements.


1. Contact colleges in your area that have attached medical schools and ask if they are currently conducting any clinical trials. Colleges with medical schools are some of the most common places to find clinical trials for pay. Once you find a school that is conducting a trial, they will walk you through their specific registration process.

2. Call some of the large local hospitals in your area and inquire about their clinical trials. Hospitals commonly run clinical trials at many points throughout the year. Many hospitals have departments specifically dedicated to clinical research and they can provide you with all of the information you need to get started.

3. Look up the telephone numbers of local private practice clinics and call them to see if they are currently conducting clinical trials. Small private clinics usually conduct trials less frequently, but you can still locate these trials if you dedicate some time to searching.

4. Pick up a newspaper and read through the local notices section. It’s very common for clinics to publish notices for trials in the newspaper in order to attract a large number of participants.

5. Use an internet search engine to perform a quoted search for “clinical trials + your area.” Doing a specific search like this can yield a number of relevant listings for local clinical trials.


Think out of the box when you’re looking for clinical trials. Dentists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and many other people in the medical profession other than just doctors commonly run clinical trials. Take the time to contact a number of different specialties and you should be able to easily track down a trial that you’re eligible for.

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