How to Find Discontinued Wilton Cake Pans

If you like to bake, you know how frustrating it can be trying to find discontinued Wilton cake pans. Wilton pans are revered by bakers, and when the company decides to stop making a particular model it can be quite difficult to track down. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to try and locate the cake pans you’re looking for.


1. Contact Wilton customer service by phone at 1-800-794-5866 and ask if they have any of the pans you’re looking for in stock. After discontinuing pans, they usually sell off their remaining inventory, and there may be a chance that you can get the pans you want if you call before they are gone. You can also contact Wilton by email at info[at]wilton[dot]com.

2. Call local baking stores in your area to see if they have any remaining stock of the discontinued Wilton cake pans you’re looking for. This can produce varying results, but if you get lucky you may find that a local store has one or two of the pans left.

3. Check on auction websites like eBay. With the millions and millions of items for sale on eBay, most cake pans are bound to be for sale at one time or another. The key is checking consistently until your find the one that you need.

4. Try to find baking equipment for sale in classified ads. Often times, people will sell a large lot of baking equipment that includes Wilton cake pans. In order to spot these lots for sale, you need to regularly check your local newspaper and online classified sites like Craigslist.

5. Check with local bakeries to see if they have the pan you’re looking for and ask if would consider selling it. Most bakeries have a large number of Wilton cake pans for their own use, and if they have more than one pan or the price is right you may be able to purchase it from them.


Some discontinued Wilton cake pans can be incredibly hard to find, especially if they have been out of production for a number of years. The key to locating them is consistency and determination, so don’t give up and keep searching for the pans that you want.

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