How to Get a Student Discount on Laptops

Getting a student discount on laptops is a great way to gain access the technology that you need without having break your budget. Many electronics retailers and computer companies offer student discounts for currently-enrolled students in both college and high school.


1. Start by talking to some of your teachers or professors to see if your school has an agreement with any specific computer company for discounted student laptops. Many schools register with one company such as Apple or Dell in order to obtain discounted pricing for their students, and often times these are the biggest discounts.

2. Stop into local electronic retailers in your area and ask if they offer discounted laptops for students. They don’t always print this in their paper ads, but it’s very common among retailers.

3. Purchase a computer from your campus bookstore. If you are in college, chances are that your campus bookstore sells computers at an already-discounted rate. Most bookstores also sell discounted software too, so remember to ask about that while you are shopping for a computer.

4. Email specific websites and inquire about student discounts. Numerous online computer retailers and computer companies offer student discounts directly through their websites. If you are unsure, send them an email to find out before you complete your purchase.

5. Try looking on an online auction website like eBay. Even though most auctions have fixed prices when they close, some sellers will offer student discounts the cost of shipping or even the cost of the item. Just make sure to ask before you bid.


Don’t be afraid to ask anyone if they offer a student discount on laptops and other computers. Many electronics retailers and computer resellers forget to publicize this fact, and the worst they can say is no.

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