How to Get Manufacturer’s Coupons for Groceries

Manufacturer’s coupons for groceries are sought after by most shoppers. These coupons come direct from the companies that produce the food items, and because of this they generally offer the most savings. If you know where to look and what to do, it’s not hard to come across these valuable, money saving coupons.


1. Contact the manufacturers that you want to obtain coupons from by phone and simply ask if they have any current coupons. This may seem like common sense, but many people don’t realize that most manufacturers are more than willing to send out coupons to get customers to try a new product line. You may need to provide some feedback about their products or answer a few questions, but it is normally very fair trade for a moment of your time.

2. Ask to speak to the manager on duty at your grocery store and see if the store has any manufacturer’s coupons to hand out. Often times, manufacturers will give grocery stores a set number of their own coupons to pass out to customers during demos and other events.

3. Visit manufacturer’s websites and see if they have any online coupons to print out. In the day and age of the internet, many manufacturers are offering printable coupons on their websites in addition to sending them through the mail or publishing them in newspapers.

4. Check in the Sunday paper. Most people know how this works, but sometimes people forget to look until they’ve already gone shopping.  Some manufacturers still run traditional printed coupons in the Sunday paper, so don’t discount this method.

5. Look in the coupon trading bin near the entry way of grocery stores. Most stores have a small bin near the front of the store that allows people to leave coupons they don’t want for other customers. Because people have so many different likes and dislikes, good manufacturer’s coupons can often be found in this place.


If there aren’t any available coupons for the grocery items you want this week, just wait a week or two and check again. Most manufacturers rotate their coupons on a monthly schedule, so it won’t be long before there are coupons available for the items you want to purchase.

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