How to Get Post Cereal Coupons

Whether you’re a die-hard cereal fan or a smart bargain shopper, Post cereal coupons can help you save money on the cost of your grocery bill. In addition to saving you money, some cereal coupons go a step further, allowing you to try an entire box of cereal for free. Here’s how you can track down the coupons you need and keep more money in your wallet.


1. Start out by contacting Post by telephone. Their phone number is 1-800-431-POST, and they welcome all types of feedback and suggestions. Often times, in exchange for feedback on their products, they’ll send you coupons on a variety of their cereals.

2. Check the Sunday paper in your area and page through the ads. In the age of online coupons, many people have forgotten about the great deals and coupons that are available in traditional printed papers.

3. Check the front of your grocery store for a coupon recycle bin. Many grocery stores have a place in the entry way where people can place extra coupons they don’t need. This prevents the coupons from going to waste and also allows people to have access to a variety of coupons from a number of sources.

4. Watch for Post cereal being sampled in stores. Store employees who pass out samples of cereal often give coupons along with each sample.

5. Look at all of the receipts that grocery cashiers give you. Often times, cashiers hand out extra coupons that are automatically generated along with your receipt according to the items that you purchased. Many people assume that they are receiving a duplicate receipt and unknowingly throw away useful coupons.


Remember to use your coupons before the expiration date. This may seem like common sense, but many people don’t bother to check the dates. Because of tough economic times, grocery stores are becoming stricter about not honoring expired coupons.

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