How to Obtain Free Dental Work

The idea of free dental work isn’t just a myth—it’s real, and if you know where to look and what to do you can receive a number of dental services at no cost. Generally speaking, most dental offices and schools that provide free dental work will ask you to verify your income level, as these no cost services are reserved for people who meet specific income criteria. Once you do this, you’ll be able to receive a set number of services at no charge.


1. Make a list of dental offices in your area. You can do this using a phone book or the internet, whatever is most convenient for you. Make sure to write legibly so that you can read all of the names and phone numbers when you go back through your list. This will make it much easier when you make your phone calls.

2. Contact each dental office on your list and ask the receptionist if they have a program to waive fees depending upon a patient’s income level. Many dentists have programs like this, but don’t advertise it or make it well-known to patients. Make a notation on your list next to each dentist who provides free dental work.

3. Use the phone book or internet again to locate some of the dental schools in your area. Many times, dental schools offer no cost dental work to people who meet certain income level requirements. It’s often easier to get an appointment with the dental schools for free dental care because there are usually a large number of dental students, and they often have trouble finding patients.

4. Choose a private or dental school clinic and schedule your appointment. Most appointments for free dental care fill up very quickly, so don’t wait too long to get an appointment scheduled.


Many dentists only have a small time window each year where they accept new patients for their income-based dental work programs. So remember, if you’re having trouble getting into a free dental clinic, you may have to wait until that time comes around again.

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