How to Obtain Kraft Salad Dressing Coupons

Using Kraft salad dressing coupons at the supermarket is a great way to reduce the total cost of your grocery bill and get your favorite dressings for less. There are a number of places to get these coupons, such as direct from the Kraft and from your local grocery store.


1. Contact Kraft by phone at 1-877-535-5666 and ask if they currently have any promotional coupons available. While Kraft doesn’t give out coupons upon request, if they have are running a promotion they may be able to send you their current coupons. You can also contact them by email on their website at “”

2. Pay attention to the grocery store flyers in your local Sunday paper. In the age of the internet, many people are beginning to forget about the printed coupons in their Sunday paper. This is still a great source of coupons, so don’t overlook it.

3. Watch out for products being sampled inside the store. Often times, the demonstrators have coupons that they can hand out. These coupons often come directly from the manufacturer and offer big savings on the price of salad dressing.

4. Stop and look through the coupon exchange bin near the entry way of your local grocery stores. Most stores place small bin near the front doors where customers can exchange coupons with one another, and this is a great place to turn up coupons that you may not be able to find in other places.

5. Look inside the labels of other food products. It’s common for companies like Kraft to print coupons inside the packaging of their other food products.


Coupons change rapidly and vary from week to week, so if you don’t see the coupons that you’re looking for right now they may be available soon. Don’t get discouraged, just keep looking.

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