How to Obtain Your Personal Employment History

Your personal employment history can easily be obtained from the Social Security Administration. Because they require a mandatory wage contribution from all US citizens, they are easily able to track your personal employment history. By filling out a simple Social Security form you can have access to your entire work record.


1. Open a new window using your web browser and visit “” This is the URL for the “Request for Social Security Earnings Information” form.

2. Save this form to your hard drive and print out one copy.

3. Complete all four pages of the form. Double check all of your information to make sure that it is correct. Social Security doesn’t process these requests for free, so don’t forget to use page three of the form to calculate your payment amount.

4. Mail the completed form along with your payment via US Postal Mail to:

Social Security Administration
Division of Earnings Record Operations
P.O. Box 33003
Baltimore, Maryland  21290-3003

5. Wait for a response from Social Security. This type of request can take up to four months to process, so remember to be patient.


Make sure that all of the appropriate boxes are filled in on the form. Sending in an incomplete form could delay your personal employment history request even further.

Processing your request, Please wait....
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