How to Order a Duplicate Copy of Your W2 Form

Getting a duplicate copy of your W2 form isn’t as hard as many people think. Most employers retain records of employee W2 forms for years, and this information can be obtained by contacting your company’s human resource department. In most cases, you’ll need to fill out a form stating that you need a copy of your W2 because this is considered private information any they’ll need your consent to release it, even to you.


1. Obtain the phone number for your employer’s human resource (HR) department. The HR department is the section of most companies responsible for keeping records for employees, including W2 forms.

2. Call the HR department and ask to speak to someone in tax records. Inform them that you’ve misplace or lost your W2 form and need a copy. They will generally send you an email or fax containing the necessary paperwork required to receive your duplicate W2 form.

3. Complete the paperwork and send it back to the HR department. Wait a week or so for your new form to arrive in the mail.

4. Contact the HR department if you don’t receive your duplicate W2 within three weeks. There may have been a mistake, and it’s important to follow up on matters like this.


Sometimes it’s useful to make sure you’ve looked everywhere before requesting a new W2 form. Papers have a way of getting easily misplaced, and if you find it you’ll save yourself the hassle of requesting another copy.

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