How to Settle an Upset Stomach

Trying to settle an upset stomach can seem impossible if you’re feeling sick. And unfortunately, dealing with an upset stomach can be one of the most uncomfortable feelings that a person can experience. The good news is that there are many simple things that you can do to settle your stomach and be on your way to feeling much better.


1. Go into the bathroom and see if you can produce a bowel movement. Often times releasing a bowel movement will clear out your GI tract and expel gas that is responsible for an upset stomach. If you don’t feel like you can produce a bowel movement, drink a full glass of water and try again in 30 minutes.

2. Drink something with carbonation, such as soda or carbonated water. The carbonation in beverages can help to rid your system of excess gas by allowing you to burp it up or pass it. The release of this gas can resolve your upset stomach in many cases.

3. Lay down on your back or side and take slow, controlled breaths. Lying still can help to relax your stomach muscles and alleviate an upset stomach. Taking in slow, controlled breaths can also calm your nerves and relax your stomach muscles, allowing you to feel instantly better.

4. Try taking an over the counter medication to settle your stomach such as Pepto-Bismol or Alka-Seltzer. Sometimes taking an over the counter medication can settle an upset stomach quickly. Just be sure to read the label and consult your doctor before taking it if you have any questions.

5. Take a nap for at least one hour. Often times, an upset stomach will resolve on its own after a medium length nap. The body has a way of healing and repairing itself during sleep, so if your stomach isn’t so bad that you can’t sleep, it’s worth a try to see if sleeping will help.


Most often, an upset stomach is the result of a temporary illness or condition. However, sometimes an upset stomach can signify something more serious with your health. Always consult your doctor whenever you have health issues in order to rule out anything more serious.

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