How to Stop Night Sweats from Happening

Being able to stop night sweats can result in a dramatic increase in sleep quality. While there are some serious medical conditions that can cause night sweats, often times they are the result of your body being too hot in bed due to excess bedding or clothing.


1. Use a lighter weight blanket on your bed. One of the most common causes of night sweats is a blanket that is too thick, or too many blankets. Many people like the feel of big, soft blankets, but often times these blankets trap too much heat and cause a person to sweat. Opt for a single, lighter-weight blanket and add covers if necessary.

2. Wear lightweight cotton pajamas to bed. Often times, people wear too much clothing to bed and this excess clothing traps too much body heat, causing night sweats. One of the easiest ways to stop night sweats is to wear lightweight clothing to bed. A pair of shorts and a light cotton t-shirt is great sleeping attire.

3. Check the temperature of the thermostat in your house. Many times people have their thermostat set too high in both the summer and the winter. This increase in ambient temperature can easily result in night sweats. Try turning your thermostat down five to seven degrees and see if that helps you sleep.

4. Remember to relax. Stress and anxiety can easily cause night sweats in many people. Being on edge about something can cause your body to twitch and sweat during your sleep. Relax and remember that sleep is a time for your body to unwind and rejuvenate.


Some serious medical conditions can cause night sweats, especially if they drenching sweats or happen frequently. Make sure to consult a physician about any health problems you might have, including night sweats. You don’t want to dismiss something only to find out that it was a symptom of a serious problem.

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