How to Write a Formal Invitation Letter

There are many occasions that require you to send out a formal invitation letter to your guests. Knowing how to write a formal invitation letter properly can ensure that you appear professional and receive the appropriate RSVP from your potential attendees.


1. Open a blank document in a word processing program and set all the margins to 1-inch. This is the standard margin size for business letter format.

2. Type out your address in the upper left hand corner. The first line should include your name or organization. The second line should include your street address, and the third line should include your city, state and zip code.

3. Press the enter key twice creating one blank line, and then type today’s date. Press the enter key twice again and type out the recipient’s name and address information as outlined in Step 2.  Press the enter key once more and type out a formal greeting such as “Dear Mrs. Smith,” then press the enter key two more times to create space between the greeting and the body of the letter.

4. Start your opening paragraph by identifying yourself and the purpose of the letter (to extend an invitation to a specific event). If the recipient already knows you, then go straight into the purpose of the letter.  Continue writing supporting paragraphs in the body of the letter that describe the event in detail, including the date, time and place where the event is being held.

5. Press the enter key twice after writing your last paragraph and type the closing. This should be something like “Sincerely” or “Regards.” Type a comma after your closing, then press enter two more times and type your name underneath the closing. This leaves a space in between the closing and your printed name for you to sign your name in pen.


Take the time to completely proofread your letter in order to ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes or formatting errors.

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