Removing a Fuel Pump Relay on a 2006 Ford F-150

The fuel pump relay on a 2006 Ford F-150 is designed to regulate the flow of electricity to the fuel pump. When the ignition is turned to the “ON” position, the fuel pump relay energizes and signals the fuel pump to turn on for a period of two seconds in order to prime the engine. Once the engine is running, the fuel pump relay remains energized in order to maintain the flow of electricity to the fuel pump. When the fuel pump relay fails, the engine will crank but not start. Replacement fuel pump relays are available from most local auto parts stores.


1. Open the front passenger door and remove the lower-right kick panel by gently pulling up on it until snaps free from the body. The lower-right kick panel is the piece of trim that runs the along the door sill and terminates near the passenger foot well.

2. Locate the fuse and relay center. It a black box on the lower-right side of the passenger foot well area. Remove the cover from the fuse and relay center by gently pulling on the left side of the cover where the word “PULL” is printed.

3. Read the diagram printed on the underside of the cover. This diagram shows the location of the fuel pump relay within relay center.

4. Locate the relay according to the diagram. Grip the relay between your thumb and forefinger. Remove it using a gentle wiggling motion. Insert the new relay in the same position as the old relay. Gently press it into place until it is fully-seated.

5. Replace the fuse and relay center cover. Reinstall the lower-right kick panel by aligning the locking tabs and gently snapping it back into place.


Both the relay center cover and the lower-right kick panel require a reasonable amount of force to remove and install. Go slow and apply force gradually so you don’t damage any of the locking tabs.

If you’re having trouble seeing the relays, use a flashlight or work light to illuminate the area.

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